We help crypto, blockchain, and nFT projects launch and scale up to $5M through web 3.0 marketing in under 6 months

New Standard brings a new level of marketing strategy and thinking to Crypto, Blockchain and NFT projects. You need help launching and scaling all the way up to $5M in under 6 months?

Become part of the New Standard and let us be the solution. 

Not sure how to get your blockchain project to reach your goals?

With Metaverse on the verge of skyrocketing, and with the Crypto and NFT space booming, all your project needs is the right marketing strategy.

In a field that "gives birth" to a new project daily, does your work differentiate and stand out from the pool of competitors?

Naturally people are reluctant to invest and utilise non-traditional assets like cryptocurrencies, NFTs and Metaverse based products. This is one of the main problems that projects are facing and as current markets become more saturated, you need to find the right way to reach out to your desired audience and convert it into users.

Marketing done the right way, the New Standard way, helps to establish credibility and trust amongst communities.  

We take every opportunity to establish trust between you and your target audience in an industry where standards are yet to be set.

We at New Standard are here to set it for you with mindful branding and strategy development.

New Standard develops long term strategy which avoids market gimmicks that ultimately aims to build value. 

New Standard agency aims to build an ecosystem of groundbreaking projects which we work from very early stages and nurture through to the final mainstream market. 

We market to the crypto and blockchain community, right through to the mainstream non-specialist customer. 

We only work on projects we believe in. 

Case Studies 

Marketing investments: $100,000

Sale: $1.6m Sold Out


Marketing investment: $150,000

Sale: $2.5m Sold Out 



Marketing investment: $100,000

Sale: In Progress



Our 5-step process

Here's how it works...

Step one

Creative Session

Going back to basics is always a good idea. During step one we sit down together and we map out a 3 to 6 month strategy using the most advanced methods in the web3 space.

We will consider how best to package your product/service to ensure the best success. We want to combine our experience to make sure your roadmap and target audience is correct in order to hit our KPIs. 

Step Two

Build a community of Unique Users 

Our proven strategy, builds your brand from the ground up by testing a multitude of crypto orientated channels to reveal the most effective way to improve user acquisition for you.

We will help to monetise your community using ama-sessions, giveaways, whitelist announcements and so on. What is more, our reach and network of influencers and collabs in crypto and blockchain, not to mention A-list celebrities is unrivalled in this market. 

Step Three

Scale Campaigns

Once we have found out the most effective method of user acquisition, we will aggressively scale the campaigns for the best quality audience at the best price.  

This in our experience is the best way to sell out an NFT, build up your tokens market cap, or bring on new clients into your incubator.

Whether you are in DeFi, DEXs, NFTs, Gaming or Crypto Media  and Youtube - we are here to help you reach your goals. 

Step Four

Leverage our Powerful Partnership for growth

Bored of every other marketing taking high fees and giving out false promises?

We only want to work on and be part of projects we believe will be successful. The way we present our offer will match this vision.

This means we are strict in our application process, but if we decide to go ahead, we won't stop until we hit every last KPI. This is recognised in the quality of our team, led by top experts and advisors with years and years of experience in this space. 

Step Five

go beyond Your targets

Don't be afraid to drain every last drop of our team's effort and expertise! We bring the New Standard of excellence in marketing and want you to succeed with us.

Let us dare to have bigger and bolder dreams about your project. Why stop at the Moon, when you can have the stars and beyond? This is the New Standard!

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This strategy call is perfect for:

  • Crypto, Blockchain, and NFT business owners, who are looking for rapid growth, who have the vision - but lack the strategy and expertise.
  • Business owners looking for the newest and most advanced marketing strategies to drastically increase their growth while maintaining a low cost profile.
  • Bold creators and blockchain entrepreneurs that want to focus on their vision and not worry about marketing and strategy.