A New Generation Of Marketing For A New Generation Of Web3.0 Start-Ups

New Standard brings a new level of marketing strategy to Crypto, Blockchain and NFT projects. Easily 10x your social media following in 3 months with our guerilla marketing strategies.

Setting A New Standard For Web3.0 Marketing 

projects we've helped BUILD COMMUNITIES FOR


1. Why does the digital marketing Industry need to change?

Tried and tested Web2 marketing techniques such as sponsored ads, customer tracking and retargeting have become prohibitively expensive. In just the last year, the price for sponsored ads on Facebook has risen for B2C and B2B products by 78% and 200% respectively. This kind of marketing is simply the wrong choice for Web3.0 start-ups looking to extend their runway. Thankfully, there are other options. At New Standard, we heavily discourage the use of sponsored ads because we have found a far more cost effective way of growing and monetising your community.

2. How can we Achieve the same results with reduced costs utilising guerilla marketing?

The various communities under the Web3.0 umbrella are still niche and extremely community focussed. This combination is crucial as it allows us to initiate growth with guerilla marketing on Web3.0 native platforms like Reddit, Telegram and Discord. We can create engaging content for your social media platforms that we covertly disseminate across those platforms, while ensuring that you get publicity in top crypto publications and influencer feeds. This, combined with our top of the line lead generation capacity and mass DM tools, results in fast growth at a fraction of the cost of sponsored ads. 

3. How to ensure future success through a unique community base

Once your community has been grown and effectively engaged, it comes down to three processes: Evangelise, leverage, monetise. Any project needs evangelists, and we know how to develop evangelists for your project who will support you until the end. We can then leverage your new community with the help of competitions, giveaways and AMAs. Such methods facilitate us to grow your community by multiples each month at a low cost. Finally, once your unique community has been formed and is at the desired size, we execute our monetisation strategy to ensure between 25% - 50% of your new community become service users.

Numbers don't lie


In sales, generated for our clients


Average Community Growth in 3 months

18 days

Average time to return your investment
Our 5 step process

The New Standard is here. We use some of the latest and most revolutionary marketing tools; from proxy farms to lead generation tools that associate every eth wallet with a social media address. Our multilayered approach allows us to customize our marketing strategy to acquire specific consumer bases and grow according to your own goals. We provide unmatched care in our service and we never use pre-packaged strategies. To us, each client is different, so we customize our marketing strategy every time. You provide the business idea, we provide the experience, framework, and infrastructure to help you meet your business goals. 

Step ONE


Your Web3 project, our creativity and 6 weeks of painstaking research, strategization and experimentation. Together we will build a strategy planned to the most minute detail. 

Step TWO


There is no single best method for Web3 marketing. After we experiment with our initial strategy, we will gain the data to know which elements of our strategy work best for you and recalibrate our strategy accordingly.

Step Three


Data begets knowledge and knowledge begets power. With our newfound understanding, we can go all in on our best performing marketing strategies to at least double your community size each month.



AMA sessions, whitelist announcements, and giveaways. No more generic marketing. Easily scale up your user base organically by leveraging your new community to maintain continuous growth. Your success is our success. Our rigorous selection process for accepting new clients means that once we work together, you are sure to have full access to our team of experts and extensive network of partnerships.



The monetisation phase brings an end to the hard work we put in building your community. Now, it’s time to get a return on your marketing investment by nudging your new community into using your service through our immense network of influencers.

Some of the client's we've worked with

Our Case Studies

Check out how we helped Our clients grow their crypto & NFT projects 

We helped "Bitcoin & Ethereum Trading" Telegram Channel grow their community and revenue

We used Guerilla marketing tactics to transform this group and make it wildly profitable in under 3 months. Our task was to grow the channel by 80k users and we exceeded expectations by hitting 150k users. 

Bitcoin & Ethereum Trading 

Attracted 150k users

Increased by 80%


How we Achieved: 1000 new sign ups in 1 aMA. 

We helped Sincere wallet grow their user base by implementing a unique marketing strategy which led up to a single AMA session where we had active users primed to buy and achieved the target in less than 30 days. 


Attract 1000 new sign ups

1000 quality sign ups.
Each sign up was worth $10,000+ 

We helped Digital Summit 2021 get 4,500 sign ups

The goal with this DeFi and NFT summit was to attract quality users that would take part in the conference.

We created an unbeatable strategy using our propriety algorithms and native advertising which led to success. 

Digital Summit 2021



Achieved Results:

- 4500 users signed up 

- 3000 users out of 4500 took part in the summit

- 66.6% conversion rate

- Each participating user was worth $100

Our Team

Meet The team of experts who'll guide you every step of the way

Cal Friedman,

A crypto & Blockchain expert Who's going to help you With launching or scaling your project.

Cal is a true Crypto and Blockchain native who has occupied the space since 2013, building an immense wealth of knowledge and connections within the space. Initially Cal started as an investor, to go on to advise projects & build their product/service. With all his experience he truly understands how to best position and market Web3 projects. 

meet the rest of the team:

Isaac Levin Schtulberg


Isaac is a trained marketer who has been involved in the blockchain space 2016. Isaac has gained a wealth of experience in managing teams and formulating successful strategies in several marketing companies and political research think tanks.

Damian Mould 


Damian has decades of experience building  brands with real authenticity whilst utilising changing market dynamics. Damian founded a consumer private equity fund focused on high growth product categories predisposed to social and commerce business models. He brings tremendous experience on higher level strategy and development once you are at the scale stage. 

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